DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


The DataGraphPoint enables to control values of a selected point in a Graph object, 2DRibbon object and 2DPatch object.


Unique Parameters

  • Use DataPool Container: Replaces the Graph Container parameter with the Container Field parameter when set to On. This enables a dynamic control of different graph objects defined in the Container Field parameter.

  • Container Field: Defines a DataPool variable which contains a container name, replacing the Graph Container parameter placeholder. This parameter is used from external applications sending data to DataPool enabling the application to change the controlled graph object.

  • Graph container: Defines the container to be controlled. Drag the geometry object from the Viz tree to the container area.

    Note: Graph Container and Container Field parameters operate the same as the Use Remote Container parameter. The Use Remote Container parameter has no effect in the plugin.

  • Graph Point ID: Defines the point to control. ID is the index of the point in the geometry plugin. ID 1 refers to the first point and so on.

  • Point Offset: Defines an offset of the point index from the first point. The actual point ID is the sum of Graph Point ID and Point offset.

  • Format: Defines the axis or width to be controlled by the plugin. If one axis is selected (X or Y) or if width is selected (W), then the data should contain one value. If X Y is selected, then two values should be sent. If X Y W are selected, three values should be sent.