DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


DataMath plugin performs mathematical calculations with DataPool variables and writes the result to a specified DataField.


Unique Parameters

  • Argument 1 and Argument 2: Defines the arguments used for the mathematical operation. argument1 is used at the left hand side of the operator. Both arguments must be DataPool variables (DataFields) or constants. If the operation is unitary, only argument1 is used.

    Note: Both arguments (DataFields) trigger the DataMath plugin and the result is calculated.

  • Result: Defines the DataField that receives the result of the operation.

  • Operation: Defines the operator that is used for the calculation.

    • + - *: Adds/subtracts/multiplies the arguments.

    • /: Divides argument1 by argument2.

    • Div: Provides integral part of the division of argument1 by argument2.

    • Mod: Gives the remainder of the division of argument1 by argument2.

    • ^: Raises argument1 to the power of argument2.

    • AND: Performs a logical AND of the arguments: If both are different than zero the result is 1.

    • OR: Performs a logical OR of the arguments: If both are zero the result is 0.

    • Cos / Sin: Determines cosines/sines of argument1.

    • Rnd: Gives a random value between the two values.

    • Time ++/--: Increases/decreases argument1 by one.

    • Min/Max: Performs a numeric comparison of the arguments and returns the lower/higher value.

    • Avrg: Calculates the average of the arguments.

  • Decimal Places: Determines the number of decimal places for the result of the operation.