DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


DataMultiParam plugin extends the DataParameter plugin options. It enables DataPool to control multiple parameters. Incoming data contains all the values for the defined parameters.


Unique Parameters

  • Format: Defines the container parameters to be controlled by incoming data. The format is specified in lines, each containing the following information:
    <Plugin Type> <Plugin Name> <Parameter Name>

    • <Plugin Type> is either GEOMETRY or FUNCTION.

    • <Plugin Name> is the name of the plugin that is controlled.

    • <Parameter Name> is the name of the parameter in the specified plugin to control.

      Note: Plugin name and parameter name must be identical to the names used in Viz (names are case sensitive). To find out the correct names, open the Viz command console and change the parameter required. The correct spelling is displayed in the command console as part of the messages sent from Viz.

  • Separator: Defines a character in the incoming data that separates between the values of the defined parameters. Default separator is a pipe character (|).


If the DataMultiParam plugin is attached to a cylinder object, with an AutoRotate function plugin, Field name is VALUE and the controlled parameters are:

  • GEOMETRY Cylinder angle

  • GEOMETRY Cylinder hole

  • FUNCTION AutoRotate rotspeed

Using the default separator, incoming data is VALUE=90 | 100 | 230. The result is:

  • Parameter angle of the Cylinder is set to the value 90.

  • Parameter hole of the Cylinder is set to the value 100.

  • Parameter rotspeed of the AutoRotate plugin is set to the value 230.