DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


DataCountdown is used to count down or count up to a defined target time. Target time is an absolute time (future or past).


Unique Parameters

  • DP variables Prefix: Variable prefix is added to a set of fixed names, based on time scale, for different time variables. The prefix is used to distinguish one set of time parameters from the other. The default prefix is CD1. For example, if Prefix is set to DDay, the corresponding variables are:

    DDay_SIGN (i.e + for future and: for past)
  • Target Day in month: Defines the countdown target day. Values are 1-31.

  • Target Month: Defines the countdown target month. Values are 1-12.

  • Target Year: Defines the countdown target year. Values are 1970-2050.

  • Target Hour: Defines the countdown target hour. Values are 0-23.

  • Target Minute: Defines the countdown target year. Values are 0-59.

  • Target Second: Defines the countdown target year. Values are 0-59.

  • Leading Zero All: Adds a leading zero to all the single digit numbers (0-9) when set to On.

  • Leading Zero Minutes, Seconds: Adds a leading zero to the single digit numbers (0-9) of the minutes values and the seconds values when set to On. Others are displayed as a single digit.

  • Action On Time: Defines an action that is executed when the counter reaches the target time. If the action string begins with 0 then the command is handled as a Viz command, otherwise it is considered to be a DataPool command. The action can contain more than one command to be called. The commands must be separated by semicolons (;). Expressions can be used in the action utilizing the special DataPool variables.

  • Action On T-offset: Defines the action that is executed when the counter reaches an offset point from the target time.

  • Offset (Seconds): Defines the offset from the target time that triggers the action on t-offset (in seconds).

  • Set Target to NOW: Sets the current system time as the target time when pressed.