DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


The DataGeom plugin sets the geometry of the container it is assigned to according to the received data. A group with child geometry containers is defined in the scene tree and the DataField receives the index of the selected geometry (index is zero based). The same result can be achieved by using the Data3DObject plugin, but Data3DObject plugin accesses the disk when used. To avoid real time rendering problems in heavy scenes, it is better to use the DataGeom since it does not access the disk.


Unique Parameters

  • Group Parent: Defines the parent container of the geometries in the scene tree. The container is dragged to the container area in the DataGeom editor.

  • Copy Container: Defines if the geometry is copied as a child container to the DataGeom controlled container when sent.


Given the following scene tree:

The DataPool assignment Geom=0; changes the geometry of the GEOM container to sphere, Geom=1; changes it to cube and so on.

Note: If an index value that does not exist is sent, then zero value is used (the first geometry under the group).