DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


DataAnim animates a value and sends the data of this value, every field, to the DataField that is defined in the Output Field Name. This plugin is different from other DataPool plugins since it is not triggered by a change of a DataField. It is activated from the animation director it is located in, and plays a predefined animation. This plugin acts as a data generator for the specified output DataField.


Unique Parameters

  • Output Field Name: Defines the name of the DataField that receives the animated value of the Value parameter every video field.

  • Animation Type: Defines the type of value that is sent to the Output Field Name. Value types are integer or float.

  • Value: Generates and sends the data (the animated parameter of the plugin) to the DataField defined in Output Field Name.


Define the Output Filed Name as AAA, and create an animation of the Value parameter from 0 to 10. When running the animation, AAA is changed every field as the animation progresses from 0 to 10. All DataPool plugins registered to the DataField AAA is then triggered every field and set to the current value of the Value parameter.