Viz Trio User Guide

Version 4.1 | Published September 25, 2023 ©

Viz Trio Log Files

The Trio logfiles can be found on: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Vizrt\Viz Trio.

Viz Trio Log Levels

Viz Trio Log Levels can be specified to define the level of detail. For example, log level 0 provides information about critical errors only, while log level 9 will provides information about a wide range of events.

Specify log levels in the General section of Configuration:

  • Loglevel 0: Only error messages will be logged.

  • Loglevel 1: Warning messages will be added.

  • Loglevel 2: Timer messages will be added. These show the amount of time different operations take in the program.

  • Loglevel 5: Status messages will be added. These show ordinary program events such as "page loaded", "page taken", and so on.

  • Loglevel 9: All commands sent to the Viz Engine rendering process will be added.

Tip: Messages on log level 0 and 1 (error and warning messages) can also be viewed in the Error Messages Window.

Caution: In many cases it may be beneficial to set a low Media Sequencer Logging level, preferably to 0, since a high level of logging might affect performance when running in a production environment.

Changing Log Level

  1. Click the menu option File > Configuration to open the Trio Configuration.

  2. Select General from the User Interface section.

  3. In the Log level box, enter a log level according to the available Viz Trio Log Levels.

Changing the Log File Path

  1. Click the Config button in Viz Trio’s main window to open Trio Configuration.

  2. Select Paths from the User Interface section.

  3. In the Logfile path box, enter the path to where the log files should be located from now on.