Viz Trio User Guide

Version 4.1 | Published September 25, 2023 ©

Viz Pilot Database


New from Trio 4.0 is that the integration with the Viz Pilot Database is configured through the configuration web page hosted and served by Media Sequencer. You can find it in the address: http://localhost:8580/app/pilotdbconfig/pilotdbconfig.html, where the localhost is the host running the Media Sequencer. When clicking the Open Configuration button, Trio will open a web browser window showing the Media Sequencer web configuration for Pilot database:


Pilot Data Server

  • Host: Sets the host name or IP of a Pilot Data Server.

  • Port: Sets the port of the Pilot Data Server.


  • Connection String: The connection string field is used to configure a connection to the database. Specify the connection string using a TNS name alias or connection string.

    • TNS name alias: <username>/<password>@<tns alias>. For example: pilot/pilot@

    • Connection string: <username>/<password>@<hostname>/<SID>.

  • Schema: Enter the name of the Oracle schema (default schema: PILOT).

Note: The database schema name must always be written in upper case.