Viz Trio User Guide

Version 4.1 | Published September 25, 2023 ©

Command Line Parameters

Use the command line parameters below to customize startup.

Adding a Command Line Parameter

Right-click the program shortcut, and edit the program target path.

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\vizrt\Viz Trio\trio.exe -mse localhost -control -force_gpu_count 2


Value Syntax



Attaches to a running viz.exe without asking the user to terminate it.

If a Viz Engine process is already running locally, this command line option omits the notification "viz.exe is already running. Terminate?" The viz.exe process will always continue and attachment will happen without asking the user to confirm. If there is no Viz Engine process running, Trio will start up its own process as before, regardless of whether the command is present. This command is a flag only and has no parameter value.


Lets you configure Viz Trio.



Causes the client to start in the specified show.



Lets the user force/override the available number of GPUs (those detected by Viz Engine) used for the preview and program channels. For example, -force_gpu_count 2 will simulate a Trio OneBox setup on a computer with only one GPU, and automatically start a program engine for output on port 6800.



Overrides the configured port number set for the local program channel. This is useful if a different port than the default 6800 port needs to be set.



Folder where log files are stored.



Controls how much is logged to the log file.



Overrides the port of the macro command server. The default port is 6200.



Media Sequencer hostname.


Start Viz Trio in NLE mode.


Start an NLE-compiled Viz Trio in normal (non-NLE) mode.



Controls how much is logged when executing scripts.


Use socket (TreeTalk) for Media Sequencer communication.


quoted string

Redefines the main window title of Trio. Example:

-t "Viz Trio version %v with current show being %s. The Graphic Hub host is %gh_host and the database is %gh_db"

In the quoted -t parameter, the following strings can be used:

  • %v - version

  • %h - Media Sequencer host

  • %s - current show

  • %gh_host - host name of the Graphic Hub (the nameserver)

  • %gh_db - the name of the Graphic hub database name (usually VizDb)

  • %gh_user - the current GH user

  • %gh_url - the GH REST URL

Default, if -t not specified: "Viz Trio %v - MSE: %h - Show: %s"



Uses something other than the hostname as an identifier for user settings.


<time in seconds>

Starts Viz Trio independently of the Viz Engine process, enabling use of Viz Trio before Viz Engine is running. Note that at startup the Viz Engine console is displayed in this mode, which can be used to debug Viz Engine start-up problems.



Configures the Viz Engine 3 database login for the local preview engine.


quoted string

Extra parameters to pass on when starting the local viz engine.


hostname: port<:protocol>

Connects to an external Viz Engine for preview.



Specifies the time-out to use during start-up of Viz Trio when communicating with Viz Engine. The default time-out value is set to 30 seconds. Time-outs during start-up will often leave Viz Trio unusable. After Viz Trio has successfully started up, the time-out setting in the Local Preview is used.