Viz Plug-ins User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©



The STV_WordCloud plug-in reads an XML file to create wordcloud type visualizations. This plug-in allows users to read items from the DataHub that are compatible with the plug-in.

Note: This plug-in must be placed on top of a text geometry.

Examples are feeds from Dizplai World Cloud, Spredfast Top Terms, etc. The plug-in then visualizes the data in the form of a Word Cloud.

The plug-in is compatible with Dizplai’s XML format, but it can read any XML in the following structure:

<field name="text">This</field>
<field name="count">967</field>
<field name="text">is</field>
<field name="count">772</field>
<field name="text">a</field>
<field name="count">150</field>
<field name="text">sample</field>
<field name="count">144</field>
<field name="text">XML</field>
<field name="count">119</field>
<field name="text">file</field>
<field name="count">106</field>

Note: This plug-in is located in: Plugins -> Container plug-ins -> SocialTV

WordCloud Properties

  • Font Type: Regular Complex

  • DataHub Host: (Deprecated) Defines the hostname of the DataHub to communicate with.

  • DataHub Port: (Deprecated) Sets the port for connecting to DataHub. The default is 8089.

  • DP Field Name: Returns data to this field.

  • Load Automatically: Retrieves data automatically from Viz DataHub at determined intervals.

  • Group Name: Includes messages that come from specific groups.

  • Source Name: Includes messages that come from specific sources.

  • Provider Name: Includes messages that come from a specific provider (for example Facebook, Twitter etc.).

  • Free Text Search: Searches messages for text included in this parameter.

  • Disable Sort:

  • Custom Sort: Sorts retrieved data by the selected parameter.

    • All: Loads all messages.

    • Approved: Loads approved messages.

    • Rejected: Loads the rejected messages.

  • Filter Rejected:

  • Favorites: Includes the messages from the Favorites group.

  • Area Width: Determines the width of the wordcloud text region.

  • Area Height: Determines the height of the wordcloud text region.

  • Margin: Determines the margin around the wordcloud text region.

  • Layout: Creates either a square or round wordcloud layout.

  • Seed: Applies some randomization value to the layout of words.

  • Number of Words: Limits the number of words to use in the Word Cloud visualization (uses the highest volume words).

  • Color: Applies an image for coloring each word in the cloud when set to Image.

  • Shared Memory: Scene, Global, Distributed.

  • Scale Ranks: Allows scaling words based on ranking.

  • Clip Ranks: Allows clipping words with a value lower or higher than what is defined in the plug-in.

  • Render Bounding Boxes: Renders the bounding box.