Viz Plug-ins User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

Mark Text

The Mark Text plug-in allows you to highlight or underline words in a text string.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Plugins -> Container plug-ins -> TextFX

Mark Text Properties

  • Text to Mark: Sets the text that should be highlighted. The text is case sensitive.

  • Marks spaces: Also allows to put the marker between words.

    • Please verify your scene when using the Mark Space option on single words located at the end of the textbox. In some rare conditions, it may happen that the selection does not match the expected result.

  • Multiple marks: Highlights all matched text.

  • Use regular expression: Allows regex to be used for more sophisticated highlighting.

    • Only matched group: Highlights only on capture-groups (value), other matched texts outside capture-groups or inside non-capture-groups (?:value) are not.

    • Case insensitive: Matches both upper and lower case.

    • Grammar: Selects one of the following supported grammars:

      • ECMA

      • Basic

      • Extended

      • Awk

      • Grep

      • Egrep

  • Mark: Selects which text should be highlighted. Available options are foreground (Front), background (Shadow), Both and None. Background highlights the text’s shadow.

  • Size: Sets the thickness of the highlight.

  • Position: Sets the y-position of the highlight in relation to the text.

  • Depth: Sets the z-position of the highlight in relation to the text. This allows the highlight to move behind the text.

  • Foreground Color: Sets the color and alpha value of the highlight.

To Mark Text

  1. Add a group container to the scene tree and name it Text.

  2. Add a font to the Text container.

  3. Open the font editor and enter a text string.

  4. Add the Mark Text plug-in to the Text container.

  5. Open the Mark Text Editor and enter a word from your text string or regex if enabled.


Note: Do not change the font type between texture and geometry as this does not affect the whole string when using the Mark Text plug-in.

Note: Overlapping marks could occur with narrow character spacing or kerning. This would be visible in case of transparent marks.