Viz Plug-ins User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©



The FadeTexture plug-in applies soft edges to a texture and to crops the texture.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Plugins -> Shader plug-ins -> Texture

FadeTexture Properties

  • Curve: The plugin has three plug-in editor views that enable different curve control options.

    • Constant: Controls texture edges separately, but no softness is applied to the texture edges.

      • Crop Top: Sets the crop value for the top of the texture.

      • Crop Bottom: Sets the crop value for the bottom of the texture.

      • Crop Left: Sets the crop value from the left of the texture.

      • Crop Right: Sets the crop value for the right of the texture.

    • Spline : Controls texture edges separately and a common softness value is applied to all edges. Spline has the same parameters as Constant.

      Note: If an edge is not cropped, the softness affects the edge.

      • Fade: Sets the softness value for the edges of the texture.

  • Uniform : Controls all texture edges together with a fixed softness value applied.

    • Uniform Crop: Sets the crop value for all edges of the texture (fixed softness is added to all edges).