Viz Plug-ins User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

3D Border Manager


The 3D Border Manager plug-in creates 3D Border objects based on shape files. The plug-in uses a 3D Border design to create borders according to the defined settings.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Plugins -> Container plug-ins -> Maps_Man

3D Border Manager Properties

  • Design: Sets the 3D Border design container that is used for building lines. The design container should be built with a 3D Border object and a material. No special naming convention is required.

  • Target: Defines the container to be used as the parent container for the border containers:

    • Me: Builds 3D Border objects under the current container (holding the 3D Border Manager plug-in).

    • Next: Builds 3D Border Objects under the next container (next container in the tree and at the same level as the 3D Border Manager container).

    • Down: Builds 3D Border objects under the first child container.

    • Container: Builds 3D Border objects under the container dragged into the Target container place holder.

  • Target Container: Specifies the container that holds all the 3D Border objects.

  • Shape File: Defines a path to the shape file (.shp), containing the border definitions. Shape files are bought from vendors specialized in Geographic Information System (GIS) and holds the actual shape data; polygons, splines, and others.

    Note: Shape files must be stored in individual folders.

  • Simplify Threshold: Sets the detail reduction factor for the shape borders.

  • Persistent Data: Defines whether the data is removed from Viz memory when the scene is closed or not. When enabled references are kept, and load time is quicker.

  • Border Type: Defines which border type associated with the created objects. If Advanced is selected, additional parameters are enabled allowing the configuration of border type according to the data associated with the shape file.

    • Borders Type: Specifies the column name that holds each border type. Country ID, Region ID, Sub Region ID and Coastline ID: Specifies the string in the database file (.dbf) that matches to each type (e.g. Country, Region and so on).

  • Clear and Build: Removes all child objects of the target container and rebuilds the objects, using the plug-in settings.

  • Clear Target Tree: Removes all child objects of the target container.