Gateway Administrator Guide

Version 5.0 | Published January 08, 2018 ©

The running orders from the newsroom system are not visible in Pilot or Trio.

  • Check the configuration on the newsroom system. Is the Gateway configured with the correct IP and MOS/NCD-id? Remember that these ID’s are case-sensitive.

  • Check the logs on the newsroom system. Is the system sending anything to the Gateway when a new running order is created? If not, make sure that no firewall (software or hardware) is blocking the connections, and that the configurations are correct.

  • In the Gateway Controller Client, check that there are at least two connections to the newsroom system. If no connections are shown, verify that the IP address entered for the system is correct, and that no firewall (software or hardware) is blocking the connections. Check the log-window for errors and warnings.

  • In the Gateway Controller client, check that there is exactly one connection to each control station (media sequencer) that you wish to use.

  • Enable logging of traffic, and set the log level to “notice” in the controller client:

    • Is the gateway receiving any traffic from the newsroom system? If not, the source of the problem is likely to be the communication between the newsroom system and the gateway.

    • If the gateway is receiving traffic (like a “roCreate” when creating a rundown and MOS activating it), is the gateway sending any traffic to the control stations after receiving such a message?

    • If messages are sent to the correct IP (control station), check the media sequencer logs on this computer for errors.