Gateway Administrator Guide

Version 5.0 | Published January 08, 2018 ©

Control Station Backup


The Control Station Backup panel allow you to manually configure a backup Control Station MSE. The backup Control Station MSE will receive the same rundowns (and updates) as the main Control Station MSE receives. This means that changes seen in a client connected to the main Control Station MSE will show up in clients connected to the backup Control Stations MSE, which means that any changes made during a live show will be reflected in the backup client. If the Control Station MSEs have been configured to send status information back to NCS, status messages will only be sent from the main Control Station.

Add a Backup Control Station

  1. Enter the Main Control Station MSE IP

  2. Enter the Backup Control Station MSE IP

  3. Click Add Backup

Remove a Backup Control Station

  1. Select an item from the Control Station Backup list

  2. Click the Remove button

  3. Click OK to confirm the removal of the Control Station Backup item


When adding or removing a single or several new backup Control Stations, the Viz Gateway server must be restarted in order for the settings to take effect.