Gateway Administrator Guide

Version 5.0 | Published January 08, 2018 ©

Auto activation (routing) is enabled for running orders, but they are not automatically enabled or forwarded to the control station.

  • If routing is used, either based onroChannelor “default routing”, make sure that every newsroom system the control stations should receive running orders from, have the “enable autoactivation” checkbox checked in the advanced settings.

Data elements (MOS objects) are not showing up in the newsroom system

  • The Gateway will push a list of MOS objects to each connected newsroom system, only if the checkbox “pushmoslist” is checked.

  • The Gateway will send MOS object messages each time a Viz Pilot data element is created, modified or deleted, only if the checkbox “send mosObj” is checked.

  • The Viz Pilot Database section of the Gateway must be enabled in order to send MOS objects, and the “DB connected” indicator must be green. If the indicator is red, and the “enable Pilot Database” is checked, check for errors and warnings in the log window.

  • Some common errors:

    • Is an Oracle 10g client installed on the computer running Gateway?

    • Is it possible to log onto the Oracle server using the same credentials as entered in Gateway Controller Client, using the SQL Plus interface?

  • Check Gateway’s log messages to see if MOS messages are sent to the newsroom system.

  • Database schema names are case sensitive. The default Viz Pilot database schema name is PILOT (all upper case). Check the database installation to see if this is correct, or if another schema name is used.

  • Check that the database is running by logging onto the database using SQL Plus.

  • Check that the Oracle client’s environment path is correctly set. Run the Media Sequencer in console mode and check the console’s output for problems related to the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) library.

  • See also Advanced Queuing (AQ) is not working properly.