Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Viz Artist 2.x

In the Viz Artist 2.x panel, Viz Artist 3 can be switched to Viz Artist 2 mode for compatibility issues.

Viz Artist 2.x

In Viz Artist versions before 3.0, assets were stored in specific subdirectories (Scene, Geometry, Material, Font, and Image). As Viz Artist 3 stores assets anywhere in the directory, older control applications may not find these assets. Viz looks for assets in these subdirectories when 2.x mode is enabled, and calls for scenes are represented by green lines in the console window.

When working in 2.x mode, Viz_2x is automatically added before the default messaging path. Furthermore, the paths sent by the external control applications are converted to lower case (as the names of the data are converted to lower case when importing). External control programs must not be re-written when migrating from Viz Artist 2 to 3.

  • Use 2.x mode: Enables Viz Engine to run in 2.x mode.

  • Show converting Info in Viz-Console: Enables the calls for scenes to be shown as green text.

    Note: It is only recommended to use 2.x mode if new scenes are organized according to the old 2.x data structure.