Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Trio Box CG Mode

This section details how to configure the Trio Box CG (Character Generator) platform of Viz Artist/Engine (see Viz Artist and Engine Platforms).

Trio Box CG mode is a video version with, typically, one program and one preview output (fill and key on two channels). To support program and preview output this option requires two graphics cards.

Once installed and configured, use Viz Trio to control the Viz Engines.

To Configure Trio Box CG

  1. Install Viz Artist and select Trio Box CG mode. Trio Box CG installs and adds these icons to the desktop:

  2. Open the Viz Config Control application.

  3. In Database, set Auto log in to Yes (active).

  4. Click Load...

  5. Select <viz install folder>/Configuration Profiles/trioonebox-0.cfg and click OK.

  6. Configure Viz Artist/Engine as required, by setting the Output Format, etc. Then click Save and exit Viz Config.

  7. Open the Viz Config Program application and repeat the above steps to configure the second channel, using the trioonebox-1.cfg configuration file.

Note: The setting create_default_renderer = 1 should be set if Viz Engine is started in console mode (without any user interface).