Viz Engine Administrator Guide

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Supported Matrox Codecs

The Matrox X.mio, X.mio2, X.mio2 Plus and X.mio3 video cards all support a selection of different codecs for both SD and HD. Depending on the class, a license upgrade may be required to extend the range of codecs supported by the installed video card. The Matrox video cards have a built-in license dongle used by the Matrox codecs to determine licensing rights. Certain codecs require certain card classes.

For the Matrox X.mio, X.mio2 and X.mio2 Plus video cards, the following classes apply:

  • 6000 class: SD codecs only. No D10

  • 8000 class: SD, HD, D10 and D12 codecs

  • 8500 class: SD, HD, D10 and D12 codecs, and Apple ProRes playback capabilities

For the Matrox X.mio3 and DSX LE 4 video cards, the following classes apply:

  • Class 100: No clip playback

  • Class 500: SD and HD clip playback

  • Class 550: SD and HD clip playback, including support for Apple ProRes codecs

See Supported Codecs in the Viz Artist User Guide for a complete list of all supported codecs and formats.

IMPORTANT! The Codec DNxHD requires its own license, issued by Vizrt.

All codecs are implemented in the software. For all full detailed overview, please refer the Supported Codecs page in the Media Assets section of the Viz Artist User Guide.