Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

User Account Control

Since version 3.7.1, Viz Engine/Artist is UAC aware. This means Viz Artist/Engine can run when UAC is enabled on the computer.

IMPORTANT! UAC configuration is the responsibility of the individual company’s own IT policy.

When UAC is enabled, an additional confirmation prompt shows when these items are installed or removed:

When UAC settings are modified, a reboot is required. Viz Artist/Engine and all plug-ins shipped with the Viz Artist installer are UAC aware. However, if other plug-ins are used, a warning message may be displayed during Viz Engine startup:

WARNING: The plug-in <plugin-name>.vip may not be UAC aware. Contact your plug-in vendor for an updated version.

This warning means that the plug-in may not work correctly if UAC is enabled. For example, the plug-in might attempt to write into the installation folder, which is not allowed anymore. Contact the plug-in vendor for information on the UAC awareness of the plug-in.

IMPORTANT! Even though the warning shows, the plug-in is still loaded on startup.

Most changes result from the UAC requirement that an application must not write into the installation folder.