Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Dell R7910 2U Rack Server

The Dell R7910 Rack Workstation is a high-performance 2U Rack server. It is a dual-CPU server with 24 DIMMS memory slots, and can be configured with high-end Quadro graphics, Matrox Video I/O, and AES Audio.


Dell R7910 Rack Workstation Slots




Slot 1 – PCIe3 x8


Slot 2 – PCIe3 x8

AES Audio if needed in an Opus Setup
If 2x 2 Slot Graphics Cards are installed, this slot is used for Low Profile Video Cards like DSXLE4 Series.

Slot 3 – PCIe3 x8


Slot 4 – PCIe3 x16

Matrox AES Audio
G-Sync III
Blue Storm
Sea Level
Single Port Network Card
2nd Graphics Card

Slot 5 – PCIe3 x8

Video Cards (i.e. Matrox Video Boards)
Used if a 2nd Dual-Slot Graphics Card is installed

Slot 6 – PCIe3 x16

First Graphics Card

Slot 7 – no Slot

If 2x Single Slot Graphics Cards and a Video Card is installed, this slot is used for AES Audio
Used if a Dual-Slot Graphics Card is installed

Note: Only Matrox boards have been tested.

BIOS settings

BIOS Setting


Memory settings

Snoop Mode – Home Snoop

Processor settings

Logical Processor – disabled

SATA Settings

Embedded SATA – Raid Mode

Boot Settings

Boot Mode: BIOS

Integrated Devices

Embedded Video Controller - disabled