Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Control Buttons

This section contains information on the Controls Buttons, which include the Play and the On Air buttons.


  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_clapper_board.png Clapper Board: Shows or hides the Director Control Pane window.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_back_to_start.png Back: Jumps to the beginning of the animation in the scene.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_play.png Play: Starts the animation of the scene.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_stop.png Stop: Stops the animation of the scene.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_forward.png Continue: Continues the animation after it stopped at a stop point.

  • images/download/thumbnails/41803449/onairmode_preview.png Render Preview: Shows or hides the VGA Preview window.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_clock.png Performance Editor: Shows or hides the Performance Bar.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_system_info.png System Information: Shows or hides the On Air Information Panel window.

  • images/download/attachments/41803449/onairmode_lense_editor.png Lens File Editor: Shows or hides the Lens File Calibration Editor. Use to adjust the lens files for virtual studios. Adjust the field of view, lens distortion, mobile point and center shift. It is useful in combination with lens calibration.