Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Dolby E Support

Viz Engine is certified by Dolby for decoding Dolby E streams from the inputs into the Viz Engine, and encoding the first eight audio channels back to Dolby E on the output.

This section contains the following topics:

Dolby E Features

The Dolby E feature set in Viz Artist/ Engine is defined as follows:

  • Dolby E is supported on Matrox Video I/O hardware only

  • Dolby E is supported both as AES or embedded audio on the input and output side

  • Decoding of one Dolby E stream (minimum eight/maximum 16 Dolby E channels) on all inputs.

    Note: The Dolby E stream (encoded in a stereo pair) must be on the first two AES or embedded audio channels

  • Encoding of one Dolby E stream (minimum eight/maximum 16 Dolby E channels) on the fill output.

    Note: The Dolby E signal is encoded on the first two AES or embedded audio channels on the output.

  • All audio channels from the Viz timeline can be mixed, as usual, with the decoded Dolby E signal from the inputs, and is output together with the input audio as Dolby E.

  • Dolby E encoding and decoding can be configured independently, i.e. it is possible to input PCM audio and output Dolby E or vice versa.

  • You can also have PCM audio on one or more inputs and Dolby E audio on different input and mix them together.

  • Dolby E decoding from clip channels is not supported.

Dolby E License

Each Dolby E stream processed in the system requires a license and a physical Dolby-E dongle.

For example, if there are two input signals with Dolby E and the output is to deliver Dolby E as well, two decoder and one encoder licenses are required. The Dolby E licenses are software licenses which reside on a software dongle and can hold multiple licenses for one system.

Dolby E Configuration

This section details the setup required in the Viz Config file and GUI.

To Enable Dolby E Functionality

The Dolby E signal can be present in the embedded audio of the video signals, or on the AES inputs of the Matrox card.

  1. Open the Viz Config file.

  2. Set DolbyEEnabled to 1.

To Set Audio in Channels as Dolby E Inputs

The Dolby E stream must be present in the sub-channel 0 and sub-channel 1 of the input.

  1. Open the Viz Config file.

  2. Configure these settings as shown:

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__0 = 1

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__1 = 0

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__2 = 0

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__3 = 0

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__4 = 0

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__5 = 0

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__6 = 0

    • ChannelDolbyEEnabled__7 = 0

To Enable Dolby E Encoding

This enables the encoding of the first eight internal audio channels to a Dolby E stream which are sent to the output.

  • Set DolbyEOutput to 1.

    Note: Only live video inputs are supported.