Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Troubleshooting Matrox Video Hardware

It might be necessary to reset the X.mio2 Plus board. This needs to be done for example when Viz Engine reports:

  • "0xefac9019: Generic driver error: The requested operation was unsuccessful" at startup.

  • "0xeddd8008: Topology driver error: Watchdog specified already in use by another application." at startup.

  • "VideoClipInOut_Xmio2Plus::SequenceVideoOut SequenceVideoOut no output node." during operation.

For this a reset mechanism has been implemented for the Viz Engine. To activate this mechanism, do this procedure:

  1. Stop all Viz Engines (in dual channel setups both Viz Engines must be stopped).

  2. Open the Viz Configuration file.

  3. Set Matrox0.ResetTopology = 1.

  4. Start up the respective Viz Engines.

    Note: The Matrox0.ResetTopology setting is automatically set back to 0 after the reset has been performed.

The reset feature also clears the on-board memory of the X.mio2 Plus board. This operation removes all Matrox X.RIOs and their topologies from the on-board memory. After the reset, everything is restored automatically according to the configuration settings. This also applies to both Viz Engines in a Dual Channel setup.

Replacing a Video Board

This procedure describes how to safely replace a video board on a system with an existing video board, or a system that previously has had a video board installed.

  1. Remove the video board drivers.

  2. Shut down the machine.

  3. If present, remove the currently installed video board.

  4. Install the replacement video board.

  5. Install the video board drivers.

    IMPORTANT! When changing a Matrox video board the Matrox.Devices setting, set in the Viz Config file’s SECTION MATROX_CONFIG, is not updated. The Matrox support is not correct and the new board does not work. In this case, the setting must be removed and Viz Engine restarted such that Viz Engine can insert the new serial number.