Viz Engine Administrator Guide

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HP Z440

This section describes how to setup a HP Z440 machine with the different cards provided by Vizrt. The HP Z440 (4U rack units) is a high performance single-CPU workstation with 8 memory slots, multiple storage and PCIe configuration options. More details about the HP Z440 can be found on HP’s website: HP Z440 Info.

HP Z440 with NVIDIA K6000 card, Matrox X.mio2:


HP Z440 PCI/PCIe Slot Layout and Usage

Slot ¤


Used for


PCIe2 x1

AES Audio card (if the video card has it)


PCIe3 x16

Graphic card


PCIe2 x4



PCIe3 x8

Video Card (Matrox, DVS or Bluefish)


PCIe3 x16

Radial Aerator, if needed, see note below


PCI 32/33


Note: Radial Aerato is recommended for the X.mio2 and X.mio2 Plus boards. However, for video cards that have an onboard fan, such as the X.mio3, DSX LE 4, DVS Atomix or Bluefish Epoch 4K Supernova cards, this is not needed.

Z440 BIOS Settings

  • Advanced – Power Options – Fan Idle Mode

    • Default is two steps below maximum: **

    • Fan can be set to maximum, if temperatures are high.

Memory expansion

Memory expansions must follow the predefined fill-order and memory-type requirements. There is a table documenting the memory fill order inside the server cabinet. Refer to that table when adding memory modules. Memory configurations with more than four memory DIMMs installed, require the HP Z440 Memory Cooling Solution (AMO kit P/N J2R52AA). This fan can be obtained from Vizrt, or directly from HP.