Viz Mosart User Guide

Version 5.1 | Published January 19, 2023 ©



Sourceview presents a customizable view of sources, laid out on a configurable canvas.

  • Supports live streams using NDI sources within the same subnet.

  • You can set an HTML page or a NDI stream with a live video feed from a multiviewer as background of the entire Sourceview and create transparent source boxes on the top layer.

  • Sourceview can be used to select sources and assign them to either Program or Preview Window or to Template Router destinations.

  • Sourceview harmonizes with the Template panel, which can be configured for specific templates requiring a source input.

Working with Sourceview

To Open Sourceview

  • Open Sourceview as a floating window by selecting View > Floating windows > Sourceview.

    Tip: You can also have Sourceview as a part of a defined work space.


To add a new source

  1. Open Sourceview

  2. Click the gear icon to start editing. Editing is not available while the timeline is running.

  3. Click the + icon.

  4. Select a source type from the drop-down menu.

  5. (Optional) If Camera, Graphic or Live is selected, you are prompted for a variant.
    Select the template variant that shall be used on the destination where this template is assigned when selected.

  6. (Optional) If Stream is selected, you can select a xpoint (crosspoint).
    This xpoint is used if used to assign a source in the template panel.


NDI Stream

  • Any available NDI streams are selectable the drop-down. A Sourceview item has the same workflow without an NDI stream.

  • When selected the NDI stream is shown inside the Sourceview source box.

  • If Program or Preview is selected, clicking Apply to Program will assign the NDI stream to the program window.
    The same applies to Preview. The program and preview source should be a NDI stream of the program and preview mixer output.

    Note: It is also possible to use a static html page to show the output. This can be configured in General settings


  • Press the Eye icon to end editing and save the new source. images/download/thumbnails/47028480/image2018-12-12_9-40-15.png

Reload Sources

If there are any problems with any of the sources it is possible to reload all sources by selecting the top menu option Tools> Sourceview > Refresh.


Resizing and Moving

  • To resize the Sourceview item, ensure the Resize icon images/download/thumbnails/47028480/resize_icon.png is enabled and drag the edges of the Sourceview item to the desired size.

  • To move it, click and drag it to the desired position.
    If the resize icon is disabled the items are selectable, but they cannot be moved or change size.

Assigning a Source to Program or Preview

  • While not in edit mode, click a source in the sourceview to select it.
    A selected source has a solid color as title background instead of the otherwise white background. Program and Preview have a dotted line to indicate that the selected source can be assigned.

  • Click either Preview or Program to put the template of the selected source in preview or directly On Air.
    Below the template is taken into preview.


For assigning a source to a wall, see Template Router.