Viz Mosart User Guide

Version 5.1 | Published January 19, 2023 ©

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • The Shortcut Keys area is by default across the bottom of the Viz Mosart GUI, displaying any configured shortcut keys.

  • Keyboard combinations can include Ctrl, Alt and Shift to present additional keyboard shortcuts.

    Note: The example above shows how the Viz Mosart UI mimics a standard computer keyboard with the keys' names shown under the rectangles.

    • The key names may differ from your keyboard.

    • One or more settings (see Button Details) can influence the appearance of names on the keys.

Button Details

Each button can present several status conditions.

Button Detail



The text on the button displays the text entered in the Keyboard Shortcuts Editor. Alternatively, if the button is bound to some NRCS content, it can display the corresponding NRCS slug.

Label (below)

The text under the button indicates the key that when pressed, takes the feature on the button.


The color code (button color or stripe at the bottom of the button) corresponds to the template taken by the shortcut key.
In the screenshot above:

  • LIVE 5 is red, corresponding to a Live template.

  • Media Asset | Image, has a yellow stripe, a color coding that corresponds to the Viz Mosart template standard, lower third.

  • Other shortcuts (for example TAKE NEXT), not related to a template, have a solid gray background, with no additional color coding.


A dimmed button is non-operational. This button status means that Viz Mosart is awaiting NRCS content (not yet received).
In the screenshot above, LIVE is dimmed (compare with the active LIVE 5).

Corner Icon

images/download/thumbnails/81467812/arrow.png Triangle icon: The triangle in the lower right corner indicates that the button definition is bound to NRCS content.

images/download/thumbnails/81467812/image2021-3-23_8-5-3.png Public icon: The 'wifi' symbol in the top right-hand corner of a button indicates that this shortcut button has been manually updated and is shared between UIs connected to the same server.
To activate this option (affects all manually updated shortcut buttons), see setting Use Public Buttons, in section Keyboard, under General Settings > User Interface.

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