Viz Mosart User Guide

Version 5.1 | Published January 19, 2023 ©

Locking a Rundown or Story

Any updates to the rundown in the connected NRCS, immediately update Viz Mosart's locally cached copy. This behavior is by design, bit might cause issues during a show, if an upcoming production has been locally modified with the Quick Editor.

It is possible to prevent NRCS-driven rundown updates by locking the rundown.

It is recommended to lock the rundown during a show.

Rundown Locks

To Control Locking of a Rundown

  • From the Rundowns menu, select Lock Rundown.


    This prevents continuous synchronization of the Viz Mosart rundown, and the NRCS.

  • To open the connection again, select Rundowns > Unlock Rundown.

    Unlocking the rundown immediately synchronizes the current Viz Mosart rundown to the NRCS.

Story Locks

To Control Locking of Individual Stories

You can also lock single stories in a rundown.

  • Right-click on the selected story and select
    Lock Story from NCS Update.


    A Padlock icon indicates the story is locked:


  • Repeat this procedure to unlock a locked story.