Tracking Hub Administrator Guide

Version 1.6 | Published December 15, 2022 ©

Tracking Hub

Tracking Hub is a console program for the virtual studio, it collects data from tracking systems (cameras and objects) and stores this information. This tracking data is provided to Viz Engine at a configurable time or after a delay. To achieve exact tracking, many configurations are stored and provided to the user.

The Tracking Hub currently has these tracking drivers installed:

  • FreeD (see Description of the FreeD protocol)

  • RTHead

  • XML Tracking: A special feature, a self-definable protocol for special solutions

  • Motion Analysis

  • mo-sys

  • Trackman

  • Vicon

  • Libero

  • CanonLens (Zoom and Focus driver for canon lenses)

  • Spidercam

  • Flair

  • Thoma

  • Stype A5

  • Stype HF

  • Camreginfo

  • Technodolly

  • Skycam

  • Gsgeopoint

  • Kuper

  • FreeDa0

  • spidercamfd

  • Arraiy (with VIZRT lens file)

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