Tracking Hub Administrator Guide

Version 1.6 | Published December 15, 2022 ©


The Viz Virtual Studio provides a perfect match between real and the virtual scene elements. The reality is a compromise between the technical possibilities and the perceptual ability of the audience.

This manual gives a description of Tracking Hub and Studio Manager.

This release gives a limited feature set. Not all tracking devices, routers and GPI devices are implemented yet. The features of the Cyclotron (Cyc) Editor are limited. If more complex geometries are needed, or obstacles should be masked out, this needs to be done in the front layer of the Viz Engine.

Note: The Tracking Hub is intended for use with Viz Artist and Viz Engine versions 3.9.0 and later. The recommended versions are Viz Engine 4 or later.

If you are new to virtual studio technology or need a very short refresher, see the introduction in the Introduction and Terminology section.

This section contains information about the following topics: