Tracking Hub Administrator Guide

Version 1.6 | Published December 15, 2022 ©

Configure the Studio

This section details how to configure Viz Virtual Studio.


  1. Click Open to select a previously saved studio configuration, or create a new configuration by clicking Save As.

  2. Set the Frequency frame rate. Available options are:

    • 50 Hz

    • 60 Hz

    • 59.94 Hz

    • 30 Hz

    • 29.97 Hz

    • 25 Hz

    • 24 Hz

  3. Set the Synchronization base:

    • Freerun: Does not synchronize. Tracking Hub runs using its own time base, corresponding with the configured frequency. This option should not be used in production environments.

    • AV-Card: Synchronizes using Plura PCL-PCI or PCL-PCIe sync cards.

    • Viz Engine: Synchronizes with a Viz Engine running on the same computer.

  4. Go to Configure Topology.