Tracking Hub Administrator Guide

Version 1.6 | Published December 15, 2022 ©

Important Checklist Before Installation

The items listed below must be checked before an installation can be done on site. Before an installation can be started make sure:

  • Camera adjustments/shifts should always be set by camera personnel before any lens calibration is done. After any adjustments/shifts are set, the camera cannot be adjusted without being reconfigured.

  • Cables: Who is in charge of the cabling before doing an installation?

  • Tracking: What are the tracking system protocols?

  • Transfer of tracking data: How is tracking data transferred and what kind of cables are used?

  • Synchronization sources: What type of synchronization sources used?

    • Blackburst

    • Tri-level

    • In case Viz Engine is selected as the sync source, Tracking Hub must run on the same machine. Then the following sources can be selected in Viz Engine:

      • SDI input 1 or 2

      • NDI video source (input 1 or input 2)

      • PTP

  • Location of the Viz Engines: Do you have physical access to the machines?

  • Coordinate system: What are the coordinate systems for the tracking system(s) used?

  • Make sure that there are no firewalls enabled.

System Requirements

This section details the system requirements.


The Tracking Hub needs some sort of synchronization method on the machine it is installed. This can be:

  • A running Viz Engine installation, or

  • An installed Plura synchronization card.

    Note: If sync sources is not found, Tracking Hub can still be used in free running mode. Free running is not intended and should not be used for production. It can, however, be used to experiment with tracking on a laptop. For use in production, either Viz Engine or Plura synchronization is necessary.

    Note: 32-bit Operating Systems are no longer supported. For versions 1.2 and later, Tracking Hub and Studio Manager are available in 64-bit only.

Minimum Hardware Configuration

  • Minimum 8 GB Ram

  • Dual-Core Intel CPU

  • Windows 10 64-bit LTSC

  • Minimum 10 GB of free disk space

  • OpenGL Hardware-accelerated Graphics Card

Minimum Hardware Configuration for use with Post and Replay

  • Minimum 16 GB Ram

  • Dual-Core Intel CPU

  • Windows 10 64-bit LTSC

  • Minimum 30 GB of free disk space

  • OpenGL Hardware-accelerated Graphics Card

Recommended Hardware and Software Configuration

  • 32 GB Ram

  • Quad-Core Intel CPU

  • Windows 10 64-bit LTSC

  • 30 GB of free disk space

  • Nvidia P2000 Graphics Card

Supported Hardware and Software

  • Windows 10 (64-bit) LTSC

  • Viz Engine 3.9.0 (either 32-bit or 64-bit) or later, recommended Viz Engine 4.2 or higher

  • Plura PCL-PCI and PCL-PCIe (L, LV, 3G) timecode reader cards (Driver 5.34)

    Important: The PCL-PCI L card can only read timecodes and can NOT be used for synchronization.

  • Studio Manager requires .NET framework 4.5.1 or higher.

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