Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 2.1 | Published September 27, 2022 ©

Recording Viz Engine

From version 1.2, Channel Recorder supports recording input and output signals from Viz Engine. This feature is controlled by the parameter AliasNodeSource in the configuration.


The possible values are:

  • INPUT: Attempts to record directly from the configured Viz Engine input connector. This is a way to share the same connector both in Viz Engine and Channel Recorder.

  • OUTPUT: Attempts to record directly from the configured Viz Engine output connector.

The execution order of the applications is very important. To capture from Viz Engine, this must be executed before Channel Recorder.

Other things to take into account:

  • The write-to-read delay of the node to be read must be larger than 0.

  • For this, Viz Engine must be configured with Matrox.InputHost = 1.

Information: Channel Recorder 2.0 only supports recording video from Viz Engine 4.3 with X.mio5. This is due to the support for multiple audio flow in X.mio5 which is not yet implemented in CR 2.0.