Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 2.1 | Published September 27, 2022 ©


The log file for Channel Recorder is located at %ProgramData%/vizrt/ServiceHost. The log file name reflects the Service Name the Channel Recorder instance is registered as in Service Host. For troubleshooting, you can enable a higher level of logging for more information.

Enabling Debug Logging

To enable debug logging, go to the Service Host web interface and to the configuration page of the instance of Channel Recorder that you wish to enable the debug logging. In the configuration page go to:


Add the following arguments: -v -l debug -n 10 -m 50, where n specifies the maximum number of log files and m the maximum size of each log file in MB. By default, the number of log files is four and the maximum size of each log file is 10 MB.

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