Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 2.1 | Published September 27, 2022 ©

Clock Behavior and Resolution

The clock is a very important component of Channel Recorder. If no clock is present Channel Recorder might fail in performing scheduled, loop or frame accurate recordings. There are four sources of resolution: input, genlock, configuration and internal.

For clock type GENLOCK, the priority is given in the following order:

  • Input

  • Genlock

  • Configuration

  • Internal

For clock type INPUT, the priority is given in the following order:

  • Input

  • Configuration

Important points to remember are:

  • The resolution from the configuration is only used when there is no input or genlock signal detected.

  • Internal resolution is only relevant when the following is true:

    • There is another application using Matrox board.

    • The application in question is using a different frame rate family.

  • Clock type INPUT is the simplest and should be used unless there is a compelling reason not to use it.

Note: For IP boards, 2059 is used by default.