Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 2.1 | Published September 27, 2022 ©

Recording Discontinuous Timecode / DST

Starting with version 1.5.0, Channel Recorder can record discontinuous TC. Sometimes it is desirable to have timecodes that are discontinuous, such as when recording a replay from any kind of sports event. This is possible by configuring Channel Recorder as follows:

  • discontinuous-tc: Should be configured to true or 1.

  • timecode-source: Should be configured as VITC or LTC.

Not all combination of codecs / containers support discontinuous TC. The following formats have been tested and confirmed to support discontinuous TC:




  • AVCINTRAMXF / AVCIntra100 or AVCIntra50

This feature can also be used to support DST (Daylight Saving Time) so that the timecode reflects the change of time instead of having a continuous TC.

In this case timecode-source should be configured as time-of-day.