Service Host Administrator Guide

Version 2.1 | Published September 27, 2022 ©

Recording HDR

From version 1.2, Channel Recorder supports the recording of HDR. To be able to record in HDR, the input resolution must be in HD. The possible values for colorimetry are:

  • ITUR_BT_601

  • ITUR_BT_709

  • ITUR_BT_2020

  • ITUR_BT_2100_PQ

  • ITUR_BT_2100_HLG

  • ITUR_BT_2100_SLOG3

  • LinearLight

By default, HD resolution records in ITUR_BT_709 and SD resolution records in ITUR_BT_601.

The colorimetry can be changed in the Capture Settings of the configuration.


When one of the possible HDR colorimetry options is chosen, the recording is captured in ten bits per sample instead of eight bits per sample.