Mosart Web Applications Guide

Version 1.6 | Published August 10, 2023 ©

Working with the Timing Display

Key Features

  • Supports a variety of devices (for example an iPad or networked phone).

  • A 24 x 24 editing grid enables rich flexibility for timer layouts.

  • Each timer has a consistent and readable appearance. Available space is optimized with proportionate fonts.

  • Rapid drag and drop of timer elements, from an intuitive list.

  • Rich text formatting: Color picker + Bold + Alignment + Show label.

Operating Modes

For daily operations, the Timing Display runs in View Mode. Use Edit Mode to create or adjust the display.

View Mode

Browse-anywhere timing information in your web browser.


In View mode you can:

  • Mouse-over a timing detail for an explanation.

  • Display as full screen.

  • Select any other defined view of the display.


To display a Timing Display in View Mode

  • View Mode is the result of Distributing a Timing Display.

  • You can also browse a Timing Display in View Mode, by clicking the View button in the menu bar.


    The View Mode opens in a new tab.

Edit Mode

To Create and modify a Timing Display

You can reconfigure or create a new Timing Display with details relevant to your operation.

  1. If no Timing Display editor is running in your web browser

    1. From the desktop shortcut or Programs menu, start the Viz Mosart Web Applications Configuration Tool.

    2. In the Timing Display panel, click Open.
      A Timing Display editing web page opens.

  2. Configure the display. For example:

    1. From the Timers panel to the left, drag any highlighted timing detail into the display area.

    2. From the display area, click on any timing detail and edit/delete.

      Note: The action Delete simply returns the selected timing detail back to the Timers selection panel on the left.


  3. From the menu bar, click Save as and enter a unique, meaningful name for the display.

Distributing a Timing Display

Once you have created or modified a Timing Display, you can share it with other users on the same network.

To Distribute a Timing Display

  1. Create/modify the Timing Display as described in Creating and modifying a Timing Display above.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the required display.

  3. From the menu bar top-right, select Copy link.

  4. Share the URL with your users.

Note: The original Viz Mosart Timing Display, with explanation of the elements, is described in the Timing Display section of the Viz Mosart User Guide.


Appearance of timing information in the Viz Mosart UI


  1. Counts the downtime to the next break.

  2. Counts how much the rundown is over/under.

  3. Counts down the remaining time for the current On Air template.

  4. Shows the duration of the current On Air template.