Mosart Web Applications Guide

Version 1.6 | Published August 10, 2023 ©

Working with the Dashboard


Key Features

Device Status

The Dashboard reflects current status of the devices configured on the Mosart server that are running on the same server as the Dashboard Service:

Connection Status

The Dashboard reflects the connection status of the NCS connection:

Toggle Standby Mode

You can set a device into or out of Standby with the Standby and Activate buttons:
images/download/thumbnails/114315266/image2021-1-18_11-45-55.png / images/download/thumbnails/114315266/image2021-1-18_11-50-43.png

Server Status

If a Mosart Server application ceases to function, you are warned in the Status section of the Dashboard:

Monitor a Different Mosart Server

You can change the Mosart Server you are monitoring. See section Monitor a Different Mosart Server in Setup and Administration.