Viz Mosart Media Router Guide

Version 5.1 | Published November 01, 2022 ©

Typical Media Router Setup


The typical setup, as shown in the figure above consists of the following:

  • Media Router service: This can be configured to support multiple services for connection. Normally the ProBel SW-P-08 protocol is used for controlling the Media Router whilst the Viz Mosart (TCP) service is used to communicate with the Viz Mosart servers.

  • A Viz Mosart Server using shared resources for device types currently supported by Media Router. The AV Automation application is responsible for communication with Media Router. Note that AV Automation may forward Media Router configuration to the other Viz Mosart server applications.

  • An external controller system used to set and change the crosspoints of the Media Router via the ProBel protocol.

  • The Media Router Test Application. This is a console application part of the Viz Mosart Test suite which may be used to verify the Media Router configuration.

  • A web client is used to control the Media Router service via the Media Router Rest protocol.