Viz Mosart Media Router Guide

Version 5.1 | Published November 01, 2022 ©

Media Router Naming Convention for Components

When contacting support there is a standard naming convention for the following applications and components that form Viz Mosart:

Short Name

Long Name



AV Automation

Application controlling attached broadcast equipment.

Client (output)

A client in this context denotes a service which are given access to one or more sources via the Media Router. In router terminology a client defines an output of a router matrix.


Internal Media Router state containing validated crosspoints.


Viz Mosart GUI

Main user control application.

Manus Admin

Manus Administrator

Application controlling the Viz Mosart rundown.

Media Admin

Media Administrator

Application for monitoring media objects (clips).


Overlay Graphics Interface

Application that controls Overlay graphics systems.


Internal Media Router state containing all pending crosspoints (corresponding configuration changes to be validated by Mosart servers).

Source (input)

A dedicated media content provider to be controlled. Examples of sources in this context are video play-out server ports and graphics controllers. In router terminology a source defines an input of a router matrix


Mosart Media Router

Previously known as Mosart Media Router or MMR. Application that shares broadcast devices between control rooms.


Media Router Test Application


Newsroom Computer System


A predefined list of crosspoint operations which when executed all occur simultaneously.