Viz Mosart Media Router Guide

Version 5.1 | Published November 01, 2022 ©

Running Media Router as a Console Application

Normally Media Router is started as a console application. This makes it possible to monitor changes done by the Media Router as well as controlling it by using appropriate Media Router Console Commands.

%ProgramFiles%\Mosart Medialab\Mosart Media Router Service\MMediaRouterService.exe

Note: It is recommended to stop any running Media Router service prior to starting the Media Router as a console application.

Start the application as any other Windows application. The console window will appear as shown in the figure below


Note that the initial messages in the console window gives information regarding the various protocols (services) used by the Media Router. This according to the Media Router service configuration

In the sample above the following services are configured:

  • Media Router Service – Used internally by Viz Mosart applications. Used to communicate with Viz Mosart Server using a proprietary protocol

  • ProBel Media Router Serial Service – Allows router control via the ProBel protocol.