Viz Mosart Media Router Guide

Version 5.1 | Published November 01, 2022 ©

MMT Console Commands

From Media Router Test Application (MMT) it is possible to activate predefined salvos, to set individual crosspoints and to get router information by entering appropriate console commands. The following commands are available:

  • autotake: Toggle autotake mode. See the MosartMediaRouterService configuration.

  • clear: Clears the console window

  • configconnect: Syntax: configconnect [config]. Connects to an Media Router service using a named predefined configuration located in the MMT application configuration file, MediaRouterTester.exe.config

  • connect: Syntax: connect [name] [host] [port]. Connects to a Media Router service located at host:port using the give name as subscription name. Issuing connect without any parameters is the same as a reconnect.

  • crosspointchanged: Syntax: crosspointchanged inport outport [salvo]. Emulates a crosspoint change from the MMT

  • deletesalvo: Syntax: deletesalvo salvo. Deletes the specified salvo

  • exit: Exits the Media Router

  • getstatus: Returns an xml string containing current Media Router status.

  • help: Lists all commands

  • list: Syntax: list [salvos|clients|sources|inputs|outputs|all]. List various router information

  • listen: Syntax: listen name port. Starts listening for Media Router connection using given name and port. Same as –N and –L command line arguments.

  • restore: Syntax: restore <filename>. Restores the Media Router database to the content of the database stored in the given filename.

  • save: Syntax: save <filename>. Retrieves the current Media Router database and stores the database using the given filename

  • sendcommand: Syntax: sendcommand command [arg1] [arg2]. Sends a command to the Media Router with two optional arguments. See the corresponding Media Router console command for a list of valid commands.

  • sendheartbeat: Forces a heartbeat to be sent to the connected Media Router service. For testing

  • setactive: Activates the connected Media Router service

  • setcrosspoint: Syntax: setcrosspoint inport outport [salvo]. Sets a crosspoint in the given salvo:

    • If no salvo is given then the pending salvo is used. I.e. a set crosspoint request is sent to corresponding clients.

    • If the given salvo is not present, a new salvo will be created.

  • setsalvo: Syntax: setsalvo salvo. Fires the specified salvo

  • subscribe: Syntax: subscribe <name>. Changes the subscription name. Used when using the MMT for emulating a Mosart server. See also the connect command

  • swap: Syntax: swap <client1> <client2>. Swaps configuration between client1 and client2. Used in redundancy setup not using mirror mode. Not recommended.

  • verbose: Turns on/off verbose diagnostics