Viz Mosart Media Router Guide

Version 5.1 | Published November 01, 2022 ©

Media Router Internal Salvos

The internal state of the Media Router is stored a set of internal salvos (or set of crosspoints).

The following internal Media Router salvos exist:

MMR PendingSalvo (__PENDING)

This salvo contains all crosspoints that are currently set in Media Router and shall therefore be treated as the current state of Media Router. Any changes to the PendingSalvo shall lead to configuration changes being sent to corresponding Viz Mosart Servers.

MMR CurrentSalvo (__CURRENT)

This salvo contains all crosspoints currently set and verified by the corresponding Mosart Servers. I.e all crosspoints set in the CurrentSalvo shall represent a valid connection between a Mosart Server and a device controlled by the Mosart Server. The CurrentSalvo shall always be a subset of the PendingSalvo.

MMR ProbelSalvo (__PROBEL)

This salvo represents all crosspoints set by a controlling ProBel device. This salvo is used to combine multiple crosspoints changes from the controlling ProBel device into a single salvo.