Viz Pilot Edge User Guide

Version 2.4 | Published March 31, 2023 ©

Migrating from Pilot News

This section covers aspects of migrating from Viz Pilot News to Viz Pilot Edge.

Why Migrate from Pilot News to Pilot Edge?

  • Pilot Edge gives you access to a browser-based tool, which means no local installation of software is needed.

  • Server-side installation means the tool is available on any PC/Mac at any time (Chrome, IE or Safari).
    Pilot Edge also integrates with Avid Media Central Cloud UX, which means templates can be used directly from this environment to produce content.

What Does Migration Require?

  • Although the same templates and scenes used by Pilot News also work in Pilot Edge, the fill-in form used to add content to templates must be replaced with an HTML-based form that works in a browser.

  • For the simplest templates, you can use your existing Pilot News templates in Pilot Edge without further action. Simply open the Pilot Edge client and start using your existing templates! HTML-based fill-in forms are automatically generated and expose all the of fields in the template.

  • For more complex templates, it's usually desirable to design a custom layout to help journalists fill in data quickly without errors. Custom layouts are made with a drag and drop interface in Template Builder.

Note: A single template can contain fill-in forms for both Pilot News and Pilot Edge at the same time, effectively allowing the templates and data elements to be used interchangeably in both clients during a transition phase!

No New Server Infrastructure or Components Required

Viz Pilot Edge (together with Template Builder) communicate with the same back-end server and database components (Oracle or Graphic Hub) as Pilot News (with Template Wizard). No infrastructure changes are needed.

The Template Analysis Tool

Migration involves upgrading templates from an existing ActiveX-based format to a new HTML-based format. To help you plan your migration and identify the templates that need to be updated, Vizrt Professional Services has an internal tool that is used to analyze templates in a Pilot database, both Oracle and Graphic Hub-based. This analysis uncovers unsupported or obsolete features in templates at an early stage of a Pilot upgrade project, assisting the migration process. The results provide an overview of your current template base, including:

  • Number of templates per Concept.

  • Number of UI components per Template.

  • Number of script lines per Template.

  • Number of script functions/subroutines per Template.

  • Number of obsolete/unsupported script functions per Template.

  • and more.

Example of Vizrt Template Analysis Tool Results

images/download/attachments/95404617/Data_Elements_Report_example.png images/download/attachments/95404617/Scripts_Report_example.png images/download/attachments/95404617/Forms_Report_example.png