Viz Pilot Edge User Guide

Version 2.4 | Published March 31, 2023 ©


The following terms are used in this guide:

Pilot Terms



Combo Template

A transition logic (TL) template (see below) that contains more than one layer of scenes.


A visual theme, intended to differentiate scenes used in different scenarios, for instance between the morning news and the sports news. Concepts are a means of reusing content for graphics that have the same properties. You can create one template for multiple scenes that have the same properties and switch between concepts without re-entering data. Each show then gets a unique, recognizable look without needing to think about picking the "right" template. For more information about concepts, see the Viz Pilot User Guide.


Layers in the transition logic scene define how many scenes can be on air at the same time. Layers are conceptual, not spatial.


A template containing only basic scenes. A template can have multiple concepts attached to it, and a template can have multiple variants attached to each of its concepts.

Toggle Layer

The layer you see in the template (clock, logo, icon, etc.).

Transition Logic (TL)

A method of designing a graphics package that lets you to maintain the look and feel of the graphics while allowing others, without technical knowledge, to add graphic items to a rundown. TL gives you independent control of graphics layers, providing a code-free and design-based way of building graphics that gracefully animates in and out, and transitions from one to another automatically.

Transition Logic (TL) Template

A template with one layer of transition logic scenes. Also referred to as a TL template.


A different layout and positioning of a graphic.

In addition, there are a number of Viz Artist terms it's useful to know:

Viz Artist Terms



Standalone Scenes

Viz Artist term for basic scenes.

Transition Logic Scene - Master Scene

A scene that contains objects and animates between them. Contains the general design of the scenes.

Transition Logic Scene - Object Scene

Scenes that contain variable or changing content, such as the text in a lower third. Also called leaf scenes.