Viz Pilot Edge User Guide

Version 2.4 | Published March 31, 2023 ©

Configuring the iNews HTML5 Plugin

As part of the configuration for Pilot Edge, a few steps need to be followed to be able to use the HTML5 plugin feature in iNews.

Firstly you must go to Avid's MediaCentral Newsroom Management Setup and Configuration Guide and follow the steps under the HTML5 Plugins section.

Once the Avid setup is complete, open iNews and select the queue named SYSTEM/HTML-PLUGINS.

A URL for Pilot Edge is provided, and as a requirement, the parameter progid needs to be added to the URL. The value of progid must match the value of mosItemBrowserProgID, mosItemEditorProgID and mosItemPlayerProgID.

For example:

mosItemBrowserProgID = pilotmos
mosItemEditorProgID = pilotmos
mosItemPlayerProgID = pilotmos
mosPlugInID = Pilot Edge
URL = http://hostname:8177/app/pilotedge/PilotEdge.html?mosid=PILOT&progid=pilotmos

Note: This configuration is not mandatory to use Show Edge.