Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 5.1 | Published January 19, 2023 ©

Engine Switcher Configuration File

For setup and configurations that use these settings, please refer to section Viz Engine as a Switcher.

Note: These configurations are performed on the Viz Engine (not Viz Mosart) machine.

File Location

The Switcher Scene can be configured by its own configuration file switcher_config.cfg located in C:\ProgramData\vizrt\VizEngine.

Configurable Parameters

#scene path for preview engine

#scene path for openers if static_paths = 0 or 2

##scene path for effects if static_paths = 0 or 2

#type of paths: 0 = absolute path i.e. ALL/MyPath/openers, 1 = openers/effects underneath switcher scene, 2 = relative path underneath switcher scene i.e. myeffects

#amount of effect scenes for preloading

#content transition effect number to begin with

#external transition effect number to begin with, end at content_effect_start

#external opener/trans within GFX channels

#activating external transition effect engine - not recommended due to possible network delays

#transition engine ip

#transition engine port

#activating external top layer engine

#external top layer engine ip

#external top layer engine port

#activating external preview

#external preview hostname

#external preview port

#show commands (log level)

#delaying the actual take in fields coming via external gfx scenes - this is used for having more time to load ip sources in preview

#i am peview

#activating dynamic ip workflow (Probel source request)

#shared memory map name used for status signaling

#shared memory map name used for Probel status callbacks - mandatory for using Probel communication!

#shared memory map name used for indicating a toggle (might be used in other gfx scenes)

#time waiting for the release of "old" sources after the toggle of new ones

#Source Prefix

#size of the maximum number of active preview sources

#viz one in use (needed for setting clip prefix)

#clip prefix

#defines how the status overlay scene gets loaded - 1 = direct load to frontlayer - 2 = dynamic scene container in fl scene

#path to status overlay scene in GH

#start playing clip on preview machines

#trigger tally lights

#tally server name

#tally backup server name

#custom content transition effects

#vs sources input table (not used)

#vs sources output table (not used)

#tracking hub hosts (not used)

#delay added for fullscreen toggle - this helps in adjusting proper timing with VS switches

#delay for VS switch when toggling from a fullscreen to a window with a cam switch happening

#time waiting for toggling superchannels when an external wipe animation is triggered

#time waiting for toggling superchannels containing clips which need to match a wall clip

#gpi sharedmemory prefix name

#tracking hub user

#CUE Clip Workflow

#replacing clip path when file is not found

#shared memory map name used for storing the upcoming label names