Viz Arc User Guide

Version 1.7 | Published November 15, 2022 ©

Files and Folders

Files and folders that are used or modified by Viz Arc are listed below.


Related files and folders can be found under C:\ProgramData\vizrt\VizArc.

  • config: Contains config.json file with all default and custom Viz Arc configuration.

  • keybinds: Contains keybinds.json file used to determine system keyboard shortcuts.

  • Logs: Contains a text log file containing every log name, date, log level and message since the first launch of the application.

  • profiles: Contains profiles.json file where configured profiles and corresponding Channels and Engines are stored.

  • projects: Contains a sub-folder and .json file for each saved Viz Arc project. You can change project folders in the Settings > Application Settings panel.

  • temp: Contains temporary files that are automatically created and deleted in case of a software crash.