Animation Store Creator

Version 1.1 | Published May 07, 2021 ©

Warp Sequence


As mentioned earlier, much more elaborate and complex transitions can be prepared using UV gradient animations (you can find a sample UV texture map to get you started in the folder at C:\Program Files\Vizrt\...\Effects\Animation Stores\Samples).

Using suitable graphics software to distort and translate the supplied texture, you can create dynamic cloth effects to reveal your video and graphic sources.

Animations can be designed that move the gradient texture into or out of the frame. Depending on whether the animation is assigned to source A or B (using the Warp A or Warp B options in the Effect Type menu), the animation can remove the current source, introduce a new one in its place, or reveal an incoming overlay.

You’ll find example file sequences in the content supplied with your Animation Store Creator. Examine these files to gain a good understanding of the relationship of the overlay and transition animation sequences and how the Wipe, Warp A and Warp B options affect the resulting effect.